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Farmer Movement: Every anti-Maoist - Ravish Kumar's comment on Piyush Goyal's opinion.

NDTV journalist Ravish Kumar has said that every opponent is Maoist. His comments came in the midst of the farmers' movement on the opinion of the Union Railway Minister. Actually, Goyal had said that it seems as if some Maoist and leftist elements have taken control of this movement. In this regard, the TV journalist updated the status on the social media platform Facebook on Saturday and shared a screenshot of the same news related to Goyal published in the English newspaper.

He also wrote, “After all, the line was to be started by the dock media. Every opponent is Maoist. Best of luck to all of you. " Let me tell you that in various cases pictures of some protesters on the ticker border with the placards demanding the release of arrest social and human rights activists went viral. Against this backdrop, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Friday said that these 'anti-social elements' are conspiring to spoil the atmosphere of their movement by disguising them as farmers.

At the same time, the Minister of Food, Railways and Consumer Affairs, Goyal had made a more outspoken allegation. It was said that it seems as if some Maoist and leftist elements have taken control of the movement and are running some other agenda instead of discussing the issue of farmers. In another tweet, he said, "The people of the country are watching, they know what is going on, they understand how they hijack the peasant movement after the Left / Maoists have no support all over the country. Want to use the platform for our agenda.

Kanupriya commented - Maoism has become abusive, while not corporateism which is looting water, forest and land. When will it be abusive to have corporate governments? The sold government is deciding which nationalist and traitor. Renuka Sharma said - You daggers are fighting the last battle of their existence in this country and tricking innocent people. It is very important for atheist communism to be completely eradicated from this world.

Pintu Meena Pahadi wrote in response - Very good, only this thing was lacking. Whoever puts their demands before the government is the propaganda of the opposition parties. If you say something, go to Pakistan, but if you say that Nawaz is given the title of terrorist.

Now the limit has been reached, which is the farmer who is growing grains to feed these blind devotees. He became Maoist and Khalistani. Shame there is no shame on traitors. Bijender Dahiya wrote - Believe me friends… The donkey has been badly cropped this time, because the studies of Hindu-Muslim and Sardar came in the syllabus.

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