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Know the Rule for withdrawing money from PF account.

There are some rules of EPFO withdrawing money from PF account which as mention below.

The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) work for the folks and once peoples would like money facilitate then it is withdrawn from the PF account.

The EPFO enable to withdraw of cash before retirement at the time of economic would like however some conditions area unit given with it. they permit to withdraw some a part of fund for Home repair, Medical wants, wedding and different emergencies. there some rules to withdraw of cash is withdraw from PF account.

Rules for withdraw of PF cash

Become unemployment: As per new rule of EPF, if someone lost his job and become unemployed for a month then seventy five % of the PF cash is withdraw and if become unemployed for over a pair of months then all the full {100 %|one hundred pc|100%} or stay twenty five percent is withdraw.

Children's Education , Marriage: As per rule fifty % of the PF cash is withdraw for children's education of for wedding, for this worker should complete over seven years of EPF Account.

Home Repair or Loan: The PF cash is used for reimbursement of equity credit line or repairing of home. For this each husband and woman ought to have a joint account.

Buying a House: worker will with PF cash for get a home or plot if he or she continue work for a minimum of five years and it ought to purchased together each husband and woman.

Retirement: AN worker ca withdraw his all PF quantity once retirement from the task.

Treatment: worker will with six months basic remuneration and public prosecutor for treatment for anyone in his relations. For this he should submit a certificate signed by his company and doctor.

Know how to withdraw cash on-line.

You need to travel to travel can need to move to the https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface

After this, you may need to login by getting into your Universal Account variety (UAN) and word. If you have got forgotten the word, it is generated once more. For this, OTP are going to be make once arrival at the registered mobile variety in your UAN account.

Now check all the main points of KYC. Here you have got to ascertain whether or not your UAN variety is coupled to Aadhar card or not. In this, check the whole data of Aadhar card, PAN card and bank.

You have to click on the dash board of the UAN. In this, you may see the choice of on-line services. once clicking in it, a drop menu can open. the choice of claim can seem in it. Click on that. To submit your form, click on Proceed For on-line Claim.

AADHAR should be coupled together with your mobile variety to withdraw PF cash.

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