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Compensation will be given double the market value of properties that fall under the metro project.

If your property (residential and commercial) is coming under the scope of the metro project, then the collector of the land will get double the amount of market value fixed according to the guideline. Apart from this one will also be that you can also take 200 percent transferable development rights (TDR) with market value. One lakh rupees (amount to be paid only once) and an amount of 50 thousand rupees will also be received for re-displacement allowance.

In fact, the government has prepared a blueprint for land acquisition for the Bhopal and Indore metro projects. These provisions have also been decided on the basis of the Fair Compensation and Transparency Rights Act 2013 in the Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement of the Central Government. The government has also set a target of operating in the year 2023 for the metro project in Bhopal. So the land acquisition for the metro depot, station, underground metro has been prepared by the Metro Rail Corporation for land from the district administration.

How to treat TDR for land acquisition in metro project.

In view of the metro project, the state government has already implemented TDR (Transferable Development Rights ie Transferable Development Rights) two years ago. Under this, the concerned person is given an authorization in lieu of the land. Where the land is to be acquired, it has been given the generating area and instead of this land, where the double floor area ratio (FAR) has been given, it has been named as the reserving area. For this, a certificate is also given to the landlord. The landlord can also transfer the certificate or sell it to another person. TDR has been 200 percent in the acquisition rules. Meaning the landowner will have the right to construct twice the base FAR at the fixed location in the master plan.

This is how the blueprint for land acquisition.

The amount of market value of the land will be given to the landlord concerned for residential and commercial (without displacement) partial land acquisition. At the same time, you will also get transferable development rights (100 percent of market value) or 200 percent transferable development rights. A provision of six lakh rupees and 50 thousand rupees has been made for re-replacement allowance. The amount of market value of the land will be given for complete land acquisition for residential and commercial (for displacement). At the same time, you will also get transferable development rights (100 percent of market value) or 200 percent transferable development rights. Six lakh, rehabilitation allowance 50 thousand, subsistence allowance 36 thousand and transport allowance 50 thousand rupees.

Compensation in case of construction of residential property Along with the market value of the structure (construction), you will get an amount equal to the same amount of toxin. A provision of one and a half lakh rupees has been made for the construction of houses. - In case of construction of commercial property, in addition to the market value of compensation structure (construction) and the depreciation value of such amount, 25 thousand rupees will be given financial assistance. In the labor category, compensation has been fixed for the compensation of Rs. 10 thousand for handcart workers and Rs. 15 thousand for missing workers. A provision of financial assistance of Rs 50 thousand has been made for the differently-abled and disabled people in this category.

For lease holders In the case of residential property, a provision of a total amount of one lakh rupees has been made for transport allowance and re-displacement allowance to the lease holders. While in the case of commercial property, a transport allowance of 50 thousand rupees and an amount of 25 thousand rupees will be given for financial assistance.

These routes will be acquired in Bhopal -Karond to AIIMS (Line-2) - Purple Corridor - Under the first corridor, a metro will be constructed from Karond to AIIMS in 14.99 km. - It includes agriculture produce market from Karond, DIG Bungalow, Sindhi Colony, Nadra Bus Stand, Bharat Talkies, Bogda Bridge, near Aishbagh Stadium, Subhash Nagar Under Pass, Maida Mill, MP Nagar, Sargam Cinema, Habibganj Complex, Alakpuri to AIIMS Will be built - Bhadbhada Crossroads to Ratnagiri Tirahe (Line-5) - Red Corridor - The predetermined route up to 12.88 km will be prepared in the second corridor.

Metro will run on this route from Bhadbhada intersection, Depot intersection, Jawahar square, Rangmahal intersection, Minto hall, Lily Talkies, Jinci, Bogda bridge, Prabhat square, Govindpura industrial area, Indrapuri, Pipalani to Ratnagiri Tiraha. Preparation for acquisition here in Purple Corridor The district administration is preparing to acquire about 47 acres of total land from Karond to AIIMS to operate the metro. This includes petrol pump land located near Sargam Talkies, Subhash Nagar Chouraha, Glu Factory near Bogla Bridge, Bogda Bridge Road, Bhopal Railway Station area, near Big Bagh Cemetery, near Sindhi Colony Chouraha, agricultural produce market and Karond located at Nishatpura.